Homam Hosseini




Head of Products at Mobitrans

April 2010 onward

Mobitrans is a leading digital marketing and distribution company with a wide range of services and customer base in all around the world.

I am the lead of a very talented team of developers, my main responsibility is extending company’s portfolio by creating and marketing new products and services and driving sale by inventing new advertising methods.

I have directed the development of Mobitrnas flagship products: VIPgames.me: a Web and one of the first mobile HTML5 games portal; Babelbay.com: a language learning service, providing language courses in a dozen locales; Brain2train.com: multi player trivia quiz mobile app; and the current flagship product of the company: MobileAcademy.com that is a comprehensive m-learning suite that is available on the Web, mobile.

I have developed new sale channels, enhanced the company's micro payment offerings by improving the user experience and performance of opt-in methods.

I developed models for predicting users' behavior, detecting malicious traffic and optimizing campaigns by maximizing profatibility. I developed comprehensive data mining and tracking methods.

I overhauled our legacy systems and led our teams during transitions. I also led Mobitrans marketing efforts by producing the advertisement materials, competitor analysis and also managing the design team in my first few years the company.

Director of Product Development at RENA Dubai

May 2007 - April 2010

As a founders I was responsible for product development. I developed RENA's award winning product: Hyzonia: a tool for creating on-demand, customizable Massively Multiplayer Games with built-in product placement advertising features; assisted in drafting the business plan, and delivered sales and investment pitches.

I hired the development team, created the system's scalable SOA architecture that was made of tens of distributed online apps and made the extension points and a RESTful API.

I contributed to the game design of the advergames, worked with UX designers on creating the UI and the VFX and guided the team in overcoming the technical obstacles of developing highly dynamic UX on the Web in JavaScript and Flash.

I developed a real-time cross browser communication channel for live users interaction, and programmed software for simulating the economy of the virtual worlds.

Associate Editor at Nojum Magazine

2001 - 2008

I started working at Nojum (astronomy) magazine when I was a high school student. I authored and translated dozens of articles, had a fixed monthly column and created an online version of the magazine and modernized its IT department by introducing new tools and software:

I organized Webcasting of astronomical events to tens of thousands of live online audience; created Data Visualization of GIS data that is used for projecting predicted asteroid occultation graze maps; developed an online planetarium sky map using cross browser vector graphics back in 2003.


B.Sc. in Physics, Azad University of Tehran (2007)

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