Homam Hosseini

Leading diverse teams of developers, creative artists and internet marketing experts in all phases of product development from conceptualization to sale.

Experienced in mobile Value Added Services, micropayment, e-learning and casual games. I make data centric internet applications, run online campaigns, examine, develop and optimize for KPIs.

I have hands-on experience in data-driven decision making, predictive modeling, data analysis and visualization, big data and functional programming.

Director of Innovation at Sam Media

Amsterdam Dec. 2016 onward
I led and restructured many functions in Sam Media, realized new opportunities and expanded our profit margin from existing and new markets.
  • Increased gross margin from 20% to 65% in a span of six month while maintaining 4% continuous monthly growth in revenue by drafting and implementing an ROI optimization method. This is currently the company's best results and the longest growth stream in recent years.
  • Reorganized the company by introducing Business Development and Data Science roles and automated and eliminated redundant operational positions.
  • Oversaw the creation of a diverse and innovative product portfolio including a mix of standard, premium and over-the-top products, focussing on differentiation and product usage. Including: Game Lords, Mobio360, MobioTV, Striker and Beyond VR.
  • Developed an internal multi-dimensional data analysis tool that is being utilized every minute of the day by the team members to study and optimize campaigns in real-time.

Data Engineer at Suitsupply

Amsterdam May 2016 to Nov. 2016
I created models for predicting customer retention patterns to improve the rate and the experience of omnichannel customers.
  • Classified stores and customer segments by value generated over time, which is used in increasing the engagement rates of personalized and precisely timed newsletters.
  • Developed a program for synchronizing live feeds on in-store screens around the world.

Director of Products at Mobitrans at Mobitrans

Dubai Apr. 2010 to May 2016
I was the lead of a very talented team of developers, designers and content editors. I was responsible for extending the company's portfolio by creating and marketing new products and services and driving sales by inventing new advertising methods and optimizing sales funnels.
  • Created various products: online HTML5 games portal: VIPgames, language learning app supporting 8 languages: Babelbay, brain training: Brain2train, online learning app: Mobile Academy. My team designed, sourced the material and coded these products in house.
  • Developed new sale channels, enhanced our micro payment offerings by improving the user experience and performance of customer acquisition funnels. Flow optimizations alone resulted in hundreds of new sales every day from non-converting traffic and 15% more sales overall.
  • Designed models for predicting users' behavior, detecting malicious traffic and optimizing campaigns by maximizing profitability.
  • Directed the development of a Real-time bidding tag server displaying targeted ads to a few hundred thousand visitors every hour. Our innovative interstitial ads boosted our sales numbers across many markets.

Director of Product Development at RENA

Dubai May 2007 to Apr. 2010
As a founders I was responsible for product development. I developed RENA's award winning product: Hyzonia: a tool for creating on-demand, customizable Massively Multiplayer Games with built-in product placement advertising features; assisted in drafting the business plan, and delivered sales and investment pitches.
  • Developed a real-time cross browser interface for live users interaction, and programmed a software for simulating the economy of the virtual worlds.
  • Contributed to the development of UI, UX and VFX of the games in JavaScript and Flash.

Associate Editor at Nojum Magazine

Tehran 2001 to 2008
I had a monthly column and also translated and authored articles since I was a high school student. I also organized webcasting of astronomical events with tens of thousands of live online viewers, programmed GIS data visualization for projecting asteroid occultation graze maps; developed an online planetarium sky map using cross browser vector graphics back in 2003.


B.Sc. in Physics from Azad University of Tehran 2007
  • Random Walk, Monte Carlo Simulation in Mathematica and C# with application in robotics and the study of Brownian motion.
  • A precise Persian Calendar implementation suitable for historical date conversions.
  • Honored with Azad University Young Researcher Award, 2006
  • Speaker in astronomy seminars, including a series of weekly lectures on astrophysics in my university.


[email protected]
+31 6 23047612